Welcome to Band. 

 March 31, 2020


What makes a marching band thrive? What makes them play louder, march better, spin cleaner, smile wider? 

It's Tradition.

It’s the laughs that make up the walks to and from a rehearsal. It’s the show hype that rallies a section before entering the field. It’s the senior speeches, group runs, theme days, pep rallies, parades through the halls, section meals, skits, standing shoulder to shoulder singing the band’s song. It’s the tears and the cheers, from the first performance to the last home football game. 

It's Leadership.

It’s pride. It’s the desire to work hard & lead by example. It’s the staff members turned confidants, mentors, friends. It’s the thrill in your captain’s eyes when you, a rookie, finally nail it. It's representing something greater than yourself and living by that principle. It’s a culture of excellence.

It's Community.

It’s the meals provided by volunteers with love in their hearts. It’s the cheers of neighbors, past teachers, and family as the band parades down the street. It’s parents who return to help, even after their kids have graduated. It’s the billboard signs, restaurant fundraisers, cheers on the corner as the bus leaves town. It’s Friday Night Lights, where the town rallies together to sing the school song with the beating of the drums. 

What makes a band thrive is the inspiration of the elite and the drive of the rookie. It’s the leadership of a captain and the wisdom of a coach. It’s the support of the families, neighbors, teachers, and administrations. 

DSI believes in the qualities that make a band thrive at every stage of the game. We’re on the feet of performers as they rehearse, hype, spin, and dance. We’re under the soles of conductors, leading the fight song that will rally the team to victory on Friday and driving the tempo of those well-rehearsed movements on Saturday. We’re in the hands of performers featured in local news stories, on social media profiles, and on the living room wall. For nearly 40 years, DSI has been a centerpiece in helping bands create the ultimate on field experience, no matter the crowd. 

Welcome to band. Welcome to DSI.


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